Self-Love Spell Bottle

Self-Love Spell Bottle

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infused with rose (self-love, self-care, happiness, friendship), life everlasting flower (longevity, health), sandalwood (healing, awakening, luck, success), pressed flowers & herbs, himalayan salt (protection, dispels negative energy), rose quartz crystals (love, helps replace negative emotions with positive, enhances balance), quartz (stores/ absorbs info, regulates energy)
sealed with yellow wax (creativity, learning, road opener, communication) + biodegradable glitter & a rose quartz crystal~


this spell bottle is great for your altar /sacred space wherever (or whomever) needs a bit more love & the other above correspondences in their life- can be used for spells dealing with love, when you need extra love, etc. to charge, use the power of incense/smoke, crystals, intention, sun/moonlight, etc. 

comes with activation instructions~

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