Purification & Protection Spell Bottle

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infused with biodegradable glitter, safflower, tansy, red clover buds, elder berries, life everlasting flower, rose buds/petals, rose hips, safflower, mugwort, grapefruit peel, lavender, hyssop, hydrangea root, garnet crystals, red carnelian & black tourmaline crystals~ sealed with a white candle, red wax + wrapped with a silver chain + gold garnet crystal chain~

this bottle enhances purification, protection, peace within oneself & their atmosphere, inner healing, intuition, self-care/love, truth, peace, sincerity & enthusiasm~

the candle can be lit when used to activate / for ritual /spell purposes- it also doesn't have to be lit to work but the candle adds some extra powerful energy~ (comes with activation instructions)