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Calming Spray~ 8oz hydrolat spray (infused with coconut oil, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils; lavender, vetiver & apple cider vinegar) hydrolat sprays are carefully diluted) These sprays are great for calming but should not be sprayed directly on your pet or in their face but rather around them/ their bedding area.

Paw Protection Stick or Bar (shea/ cocoa butter, almond butter, beeswax, castor oil, lavender) - massage onto paws before letting your pet outside on a hot or cold day~

Shampoo- created with argon oil & castor oil, aloe vera, a hint of lavender & rose essential oils ~ creating a soft, smooth, shiny coat that also revives! it’s super gentle, diluted with oils that are extremely beneficial to your pets skin & coat!

**Bundles come with an 8oz hydrolat spray, shampoo & a paw protection bar**

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