Personality Candle

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Jars always vary~ made in mason jars (may not always match the photo) Now Come in 8oz & 12oz~

Candle based off of your personality/energy/aura that I am given from your answers (questions below) & selfie!

Please send information / selfies to when ready WITH your order number ~ OR reply with answers in the comments / send selfies via email. *You are not obligated to send any selfies!*

full name? (Including middle)
favorite color?
one word to describe you?
day or night?
1 hobby or passion of yours?
part of nature that reminds you of yourself?
zodiac sign?
favorite mystical creature?
believe in magick?
favorite scent(s)?
do you like sparkles?
extrovert or introvert?
favorite crystal(s)?

Please send atleast ONE photo so I can pick up on your energy more 💚