Good Luck, Fortune & Prosperity Spell Bottle

Good Luck, Fortune & Prosperity Spell Bottle

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infused with lavender (inner strength, peace, happiness), chamomile (money, success, luck, new beginnings), lemongrass (road-opener, breaks down creative blocks, brings good luck), lemon (new beginnings, cuts hexes, cleansing), rose (love, friendship, self-care, relaxation), juniper berries (protection, control, ends negative/stressful situations), tigers eye crystals (comfort, grounding, luck), green amazonite (self-love, communication) + green taper candle (success, money, prosperity, abundance, good luck), biodegradable glitter +

sealed with green / black wax (success, money, prosperity, abundance, good luck, banishing, breaks hexes) wrapped with a spike & moon charm~


this spell bottle can be used for overall luck, fortune & prosperity for oneself & the environment around oneself, the candle being burned into the atmosphere or for spellwork enhances the power of said spell- though it does not have to be lit to work and it can be also lit without doing spellwork~ to charge, use the power of incense/smoke, crystals, intention, sun/moonlight, etc. 


comes with activation instructions~

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