Chakra Pillar Bundle Preorder

Chakra Pillar Bundle Preorder

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comes with all 7 candles that are pictured~
soy wax~

Muladhara (root chakra)~ melts shimmery red bronze~ scented with nag champa~ topped off with red biodegradable glitter, rose buds/petals & tigers eye~

Svadhishthana (sacral chakra)~ melts shimmery orange~ scented with cedarwood vanilla~ topped off with orange biodegradable glitter & orange peel zest & chamomile~

Manipura (solar plexus)~ melts shimmery yellow~ scented with snickerdoodle~ topped off with gold shimmer & chamomile~

Anahata (heart chakra)~ melts shimmery green~ scented with cedarwood & vanilla & spruce~ topped off with skullcap, holographic biodegradable glitter & eucalyptus~

Vishuddha (throat chakra)~ melts shimmery blue~ scented with blue spruce~ topped off with blue biodegradable glitter & cornflower~

Ajna (third eye)~ melts shimmery blue/purple~ scented with white tea~ topped off with purple biodegradable glitter, elder berries & clear quartz crystal chips~

Sahasrara (crown chakra)~ melts shimmery purple & pearl~ scented with dragons blood, frankincense & myrrh~ topped off with white biodegradable glitter, lavender & clear quartz crystal chips~

cleansed with sage, charged with crystal energy, sealed with palo Santo~ (candles may not look identical to the photo as they are made in batches)