SpaceValue Candle Care

Each candle comes with instructions on use. Though it seems quite easy there are a few steps that come with caring for a SpaceValue candle.

Candle burning (jar candles): Make sure the wick is pointing straight up before lighting. Make sure herbs/crystals are not suffocating the wick (spread them out before burning). Some herbs may catch a small flame- though they rarely do its important to keep an eye on the candle. If you ever feel uncomfortable lighting the candle with the herbs, remove them! They have many other uses, such as; incense, bath teas, spells, etc. Remove any extra accessories on the candle before lighting, such as crystals.  Light the wick with your flame. Let the candle burn for 1-3 hours or until the layer of the candle is completely even. (this helps prevent tunneling) Keep an eye on your candle at all times- Candles should not be used once the wax gets down to 1/4-1/2 inch (to prevent the jar from over heating)

Trim the wick slightly before each burn. The wick should be smaller than 1/2 inch. This will help prevent heat spots & help your candle last longer!

Naked Candles: (candles with no jar) Make sure to place on a plate, bowl or candle burner before burning. There is no jar to contain the wax once it starts burning, so these can be a bit messy without being in a container. Make sure whatever you place the candle on is glass/metal and NOT plastic. The wax is easy to clean off when you are finished- just wait for it to harden and scrape it off! These can burn quickly so if you want to make them last long, blow out your candle once you see the wax starting to drip from the sides.

Candles with Wax Dripping: Though these can be burned on regular hard surfaces they can get messy once the wax heats up in certain sections. I would recommend burning these on a small plate, candle holder, etc. 

Blowing out your candle: watch the smoke's energy fill the atmosphere as it releases its special properties into the air~

Cleaning: Clean your candle jar by adding warm water. Boil some water and pour into the jar leaving an inch of space at the top. The water will melt the wax, bringing it to the surface. Allow it to completely cool before getting the wax out. If you do this over the sink make sure to avoid getting any wax in the sink drain.