Thank you so much for your love & support! I appreciate you so much & you are helping me live my dream!! The dream is to share natural products with the world, filled with magickal intentions & so much love! Products that help heal the mind, body & soul!

Spacevlaue candles are created with soy wax & beeswax (always stated in product descriptions), infused with organic shimmer for color & natural fragrance oils, topped off with biodegradable glitter, ethically sourced herbs, crystals & other items. Crystals & other items should always be removed before burning, along with a bit of herbs. 

Skincare is created with essential oils by doterra & organic ingredients which are always stated in the descriptions of products.

I do not accept returns, cancellations or exchanges. But please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. If you MUST cancel you may be charged with a fee, as many items are made to order.

When will my package come in?

-Products can take from 2-3 weeks to be packaged/shipped. *Customs may take longer* Due to the freshness of products, some are made to order which can also take longer. All products are freshly handmade & unique. Your support means the world to me. If you are needing your package by a certain date, please state that in the comments when ordering or contact me before placing the order.

-Tracking numbers are sent to you once your package has been sent out~ If you have not received a tracking number your package hasn't been sent out yet. If there is an emergency like an address change please get in touch with me ASAP.

Do you accept customs?

-I accept customs of all kinds including; candles, skincare, art, jewelry, etc. Prices range depending on the custom. Please get in touch with me for more details. My customs are always open and am always exciting to hear your ideas! Please email me at spacevalueapothecary@outlook.com~

I gave the wrong address and my order already shipped.

-First and foremost please get in touch with me via email (or DM if order was placed through social media) & we will go from there. But please understand if the package does not get retuned back to me I am not responsible to replace that package. If it does get sent back & you’d like it returned to you I ask that you repay the shipping costs. Please always make sure your shipping info is correct as you deserve to enjoy the products you purchase!

I gave the wrong address and my order hasn’t shipped yet.

-Get in touch with me through the “contact” tab. My email is spacevalueapothecary@outlook.com which is always open to help you.
Please try & contact me before 24 hours after placing your order.

I was given a discount code- How many times can I use it?

-Please only use codes from ME one time. I have many Spacevalue representatives who share discount codes all the time & you are welcome to use those as you desire!

It says my item(s) are delivered but it isn't. / My package is missing.

-If you’ve checked the tracking number & it says your package is delivered but isn’t & after getting in touch with your apartment complex, post office, etc. get in touch with me as soon as possible. Your package could be sent back, gotten mixed up, or not arrived quite yet. 

 My item(s) came damaged/ broken. What do I do now?

-DO NOT take items out of the bubble wrap if they arrive broken. This will make it harder to create a claim. IF you send photos and you have already removed it from the bubble wrap- keep the bubble wrap close by (Needs to be in the photo, as close as it was when it came in- this is to prove it was actually broken in the mail.) if you don't I can not guarantee any guaranteed claim. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible if your order comes in damaged or broken with a couple photos & a photo of the paper receipt that comes with your order.

Do the herbs catch on fire?

-Sometimes they can which is why you should never leave a candle unattended- but usually the herbs end up sinking into the wax so they don’t ever catch a flame~ You should always remove them if there is too much (which I will recommend with certain projects), stay in the same room as your candle & burn it in a safe place. 


*All customers and orders personal information will stay private and will only be used when the customer orders.