Divination Spell Bottle 2

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infused with galangal root (provides psychic energy to help you get up and go, mental power, assists with communication & psychic visions),
mugwort (astral projection, third-eye awakening), lavender (psychic awareness, psychic power, inner strength), rose (self-love/care, peace, relaxation), lemongrass (road-opener, brings good luck, inspires creativity), juniper berries (magickal power, protection, ending negative/stressful situations), himalyan salt (protection, purification, dispels negative energy), black salt (dispels negative energy, binding), sandalwood (psychic ability, awakening, carries manifestations to the universe) grapefruit (purification, uplifting energy) + amethyst (healing, calming, reassuring), quartz (holds/stores energy, rids negative energy), red jasper (grounding, divine healing)~ 

sealed with pink & black wax (emotional healing, devotion, banishing & grounding) wrapped with a heart prism & topped off with an amethyst crystal~

to charge, use the power of incense/smoke, crystals, intention, sun/moonlight, etc. can be used for ones altar /atmosphere, spell work etc. ~ comes with activation instructions~

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